September 11 – 14, 2019

The Apostles and the Foundation of The Nation

The third Battle would bring us to the first incorporated city of the nation of Canada: Saint John.  This was also the home town of Sir Samuel Leonard Tilley, a founding father of the nation, and the one to whom God would give the mandate of Psalm 72, the Dominion of Canada.    

While honouring these important foundations, we would also be led of God to recognize and embrace – as sons and daughters – the nation’s fathers and mothers of the faith and agree with God’s word and His ways that we are in need of His apostles for today.


Battle For Canada Saint John September 11-14th 2019:

  • Acknowledge the foundation of the nation
  • Pick up what founding fathers left for us.
  • Acknowledgment of offences and lukewarmness in the church of Canada 🇨🇦
  • Acknowledge orphan spirit.
  • Contend for spiritual sonship
  • Acknowledge the rejection of the modern apostles
  • Revelation and need of the biblical apostles for today.
  • Spiritual Fathers and mother’s take their places.
  • Healing and repentance of the divide between Atlantic Canada, Quebec, and western Canada.



Our borders are practically unprotected. At the highest levels, it seems our government has insulated itself from truth into a state of deception that is now deaf to the coming thunder. Debt, terrorism, and the war on our children and on marriage itself, are being reframed and repackaged as privileges to be celebrated by a more “enlightened” society.

 If not us, then who will call Canada back to her Godly heritage? We proudly sing our great anthem, which means if we are Canadian, and if we are Christian, then we accept responsibility for the future health and wellbeing of our nation.

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