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The purpose of the Revival Reformation Alliance (RRA) network is to weave together, in equal measure, a “threefold strand that is not easily broken” (Ecc. 4:2). These three cords each represent a non-negotiable third of the network’s reason to exist: Revival, Reformation, and Alliance. Any one or two of the three are insufficient and incomplete. Together, these Three Pillars form the core values that will define every future labor of the RRA. The statements that follow are intended to foster dialogue rather than articulate an official Mission Statement.


As we approach 2020—the 153rd year of Canada’s sovereign existence—a group of national leaders and friends feel compelled to prepare for full harvest, enduring national well-being, and profound international influence over the next decade and beyond.


To prepare Canada for maximum harvest and full Kingdom influence.


To bring sustained, increasing, and indelible Kingdom transformation to Canada, North America, and the world by connecting five-fold ministers, ministries, intercessors and marketplace leaders for the purpose of ongoing relationship, equipping, and shared strategic objectives.

Three Pillars


“Revival” is understood to be spiritual interest or renewal in the life of a congregation or society, resulting in local, national or global effect. While often seen as a response to moral and/or devotional decline, revival is fundamentally a restoration to the true, optimal condition of the church as defined by Scripture. In classic understanding, revival is a move of God among the people of God, with salvation touching unbelievers as a result.


“Reformation” is to be understood as multi-faceted societal transformation. Reformation is the neglected counterpoint to classic revivalism, though it has a rich tradition in Protestantism for effecting sweeping, historic change across nations, continents and generations. While revival is essential, it primarily indicates spiritual renewal among the people of God, without reference to the renewal of the various building blocks of human civilization. Historically, since every culture tends to decay over time, reformation is an essential component of the Christian mission.


“Alliance” is to be understood as Biblical Unity. A necessary component is fundamental doctrine, with all parties subscribing to a confession of orthodox faith as evidenced in “The Apostle’s Creed. However, true Biblical Unity will flourish and be sustained more by prevailing love in the bond of peace than creedal hegemony. This is the x factor in Revival and Reformation efforts, as it brings a divine, other unachievable multiplier to the separate labors of individuals, ministries, institutions and geographies. Without an Alliance of committed five-fold ministers, ministries, intercessors and marketplace leaders, Revival and Reformation efforts will fade over time. 


The initial alliance, comprised of a handful of national leaders who have strong relational equity together, seeks to welcome 153 additional anointed, qualified, verifiable leaders, including five-fold ministers, network or ministry heads, thought influencers, intercessors, and marketplace leaders, to begin dialoguing, organizing and preparing for 2020 and beyond for the purpose of fostering revival and reformation.


Revival alone does not guarantee Reformation, but can be the catalyst for renewed Christian investment in culture. Reformation is not dependent on Revival, and should not wait for it, but can be far more potent in the climate of Revival. Individuals and local churches can strive for Revival and/or Reformation paradigms, but regional and national efficacy will be limited without a strong, unified Alliance of like-minded relationships, labors and strategic goals.

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