November 1 – 10, 2018

Ten Days That Changed Everything

North Battleford was the starting place for the Battle for Canada.  We didn’t know what was going to happen, all we knew was that God told us to go there in November for 10 days.  We obeyed.  In the middle of the prairies, in freezing weather, 1000 people joined us for 10 days and changed the course of our nation.  God took us on a journey of dealing with our hearts and our issues and 10 days would prove to not be long enough.  See below for the highlights.

Key Dreams #1

In January of this year, a key prophetic dreamer had a disturbing dream. In this dream, Father God showed him a scale. The scale was Canada’s future. On one side was a darkness so perverse and corrupt that, should it prevail, the nation would not be able to recover for three to four generations. On the other side were gold coins and empty wheelchairs—symbolizing the glorious presence of God and disruptive, miraculous activity by the Holy Spirit. The dreamer cried out, “What do we have to do to turn the tide?” God answered in the dream, “Ten days of meetings in November!” The dreamer cried out, “Where?” Waking from the dream, the lingering voice of the Lord rumbled in his soul, “North Battleford!”

Key Dreams #2

Also in January of this year, another key prophetic dreamer found himself, in his dream, inside a dilapidated, run down house. Once, this house had been beautiful. The house was the church — especially the praying, prophetic church in Canada. In the dream, the dreamer was the best friend of a Bridegroom, but the Bridegroom’s house was in terrible condition. After this, the Father appeared to give a gift — a massive round table, carved out of a single piece of redwood. The Father called his gift, “Pure Canadian.” The Father was deeply and tenderly concerned that His people would value this table — a gathering place of unity (the “single” piece of wood) for the prophetic purpose of Canada.

Revival History #1

In October, 1947, a handful of young Bible students found themselves desperate to see God move in their generation as He previously had at Azusa in 1906. Gripped by this vision, they began to fast and pray in North Battleford, SK. After several months, in February, 1948—seventy years ago this year—the Holy Spirit fell in an unusual way, sparking what became known as The Latter Rain revival. Why North Battleford? Because if a generation will hunger for God as those students hungered, He will visit our land once more.

Revival History #2

The Latter Rain revival, which broke out seventy years ago in North Battleford, spread quickly across parts of Canada and into the United States. In spite of the remote location and small town, people began to visit from all over the world. The movement spread to Detroit, St. Louis, Vancouver, and abroad. Why North Battleford? Because there is a true well of revival there, and we want to call upon God for a fresh move in our day!

Revival History #3

The students who fasted and prayed until the Holy Spirit visited them in North Battleford had originally attended a Bible School in Saskatoon. After being repeatedly chastised for skipping class to fast and pray, the students and their instructors relocated to an abandoned facility located at the small North Battleford airport, previously used by the Royal Air Force to train Canadian pilots during WW II. Owned by the Sharon Orphanage, the “Cloud Room” in which they prayed still had the original painting of clouds on the wall, representing the horizon line for flight simulation purposes. Preserved as it was in those days, the facility has been physically relocated about 2 kilometers from its original location.

Revival History #4

Insights and practices from the Latter Rain would later influence the Jesus Movement, Charismatic Renewal and global missions. For example, the church in Indonesia owes its existence to missions that resulted from the Latter Rain. Many subsequent moves of God around the world owe a debt to The Latter Rain, including churches across North America. For example, while not well known, contemporary notions of five-fold team ministry, singing in the Spirit, activation of gifts through laying on of hands and prophetic utterance—all were restored to the modern church through the revival at North Battleford.

Church Divisions

Even though many would say the Latter Rain Revival was net positive for the church, it was not without its flaws. Over time, some accused the movement of developing an elitist attitude, and its central doctrines were fully orthodox, a small number of secondary doctrines were criticized for exceeding the full endorsement of Scripture. These differences were sharply felt between classic Pentecostal denominations and the “neo-Pentecostal” movement of the Latter Rain. Many of these divisions became quite bitter, with many slanderous and hurtful claims being made on both sides. Why North Battleford? Because the Latter Rain represents one of many deep, deep rifts in the Body of Christ. We want to ask God to unite His church so that we can heal our divided nation.

Federal Policy and Land Allocations

From 1878-1883, the Territorial Government was based out of the Battlefords. Two thirds (2/3) of the geographical land mass was federally distributed from this location. This included legitimate and illegitimate distributions and use of power that massively affected every sphere of modern Canadian society, including First Nations, agriculture, mineral rights, family inheritance, industry and provincial governments. Why North Battleford? Because the historic ramifications of those land decisions continues to shape Canada today—in wealth distribution, injustice, and federal hubris—forming a critical nexus for the church to exercise spiritual authority in a spirit of humility, unity and repentance.

Injustice to First Nations People #1

In 1883, the Territorial capital was moved from North Battleford to Regina, and the now-empty building was converted to a school.  It became the first “Indian Industrial School” in western Canada.  Used for the purpose of educating First Nations children in agriculture and the trades, the Industrial School was also a vehicle for the federal government’s policy of assimilation, which promoted this form of education as a way to prepare First Nations children for entry into Euro-Canadian society.  Why North Battleford? Because the breach that began here of broken families and broken children must be healed.

Injustice to First Nations People #2

On November 16, 1885, Louis Riel and four chiefs were hanged in Regina after a trial over a land dispute.  On November 27, 1885, after the Metis uprising was quelled, the territorial government in the Battlefords decided to make an example out of eight tribal chiefs. To warn future generations against opposing the government, they marched native children from the Residential Schools to watch their chiefs be hanged for insurrection.  This was the largest public execution to date in Canada. One of those hanged was the second-in-command to the genuinely godly Metis leader, Louis Riel, who has since been exonerated by the federal government and is now honoured as a true hero, in spite of earlier attempts to paint him as a rebel madman. Why North Battleford? To repent and break the grip of suicide and fear that has plagued the First Peoples.

Prophetic Courage and Government Intercession

Louis Riel was a deeply devout Christian of mixed ethnicity. As a statesman for the First Peoples, his message was for the coming of One New Man, a unified Canada build around the mixture of Europeans and First People bloodlines—all under the Lordship of Christ. His prayer was “God grant us courage to defend our homes and families, the altar of the Lord, and above all, freedom.” But because he resisted the federal government’s overreach and its seizure of tribal lands, he was branded a traitor, rather than a patriot. In many respects, the prophetic witness of Canada has been increasingly silenced since Louis Riel’s hanging. Why North Battleford? Because the movement Louis Riel started effectively died when his second-in-command hung with four other chiefs in North Battleford. Our hope is to prayerfully resurrect a courageous prophetic witness in this generation that will challenge the government to righteous conduct and righteous policy.

Revival Now #1

In light of the astonishing local history of the Battlefords — unusually dense and significant for a small prairie town — we believe the Lord of Hosts has chosen the time and location of this highly strategic Battlefield. The Battle for Canada at North Battleford goes to the roots of present governmental policy, federal overreach, the silencing of prophetic voices, the pain of our First Nations brothers and sisters, powerful revival history, and deep, historic divisions in the Body of Christ. We believe North Battleford represents a Holy Spirit-inspired imperative for the Church to come together, break the spell of lethargy and passivity that has kept us silent far too long…and from that place of deep hunger, humility, and need, to cry out to God, as one—Canadians and First Nations believers—united in Christ by the mercy of the Cross.

Revival Now #2

Canada’s Christian heritage is profound, and key to its glorious ascension among the nations of the earth. Our deep Christian roots are widely known, and were once a routine part of public education and memory It is only in recent times that attempts have been made to revise and/or eliminate the historic fact of our national identity as one consecrated to the purpose of God. Until 1983, Canada Day was actually called Dominion Day, a largely unknown fact of history by most Millennials today. Why Dominion Day? Because, inspired by Psalm 72:8—a passage referring to the universal reign and rule of Christ—Sir Samuel Tilley, Premier of New Brunswick, proposed the nation be called “The Dominion of Canada.” This name was approved by the thirty-three Fathers of Confederation. In North Battleford, we will appeal to heaven for the covenantal root of Canada, that righteousness would flourish again.

Revival Now #3

The Battle for Canada gathering, Nov. 1-10, is not a regional gathering, nor is it a conference as usual. Canada’s future — both our children’s and grandchildren’s right to follow God and live in a free society — possibly stand on the brink of erasure. Daily headlines tell a grim tale: forces currently shaping national, provincial and territorial policy are pursuing unrighteous agendas, diluting Canada’s sovereignty, and systematically erasing the Christian heritage of our nation. We do not have decades to turn the tide, nor years. We have months. In the spirit of Joel 2, we are sounding the alarm, asking you to disrupt your schedule, and calling a solemn convocation. We boldly charge the nation to fast and pray through the entire month of October. Then, in a spirit of reverence and humility, we will gather together, fall on our face, worship God, and ask the Holy Spirit to visit Canada once again.

Revival Now #4

 For ten days, we are not setting any agenda but to seek His face. As we do, we are also believing for a mighty conclusion to our time of unity and prayer. The Battle for Canada is not only a battle in the Spirit for deliverance from darkness, it is a united cry for revival, miracles and salvation. We will worship greatly, pray greatly, and preach greatly, as the Lord instructs. We will wait on the Lord, and seek His face. We will host a parallel track for children. We will fellowship together, eat together, and repent for our divisions. We will honor First Peoples. We will lay down our colors, creeds, titles, denominational differences and political agendas before the altar of the Lord. And when at last we rise…we will rise with strength, with hope for the future, and with the glory of God round about. From across Canada, come. All ten provinces and three territories, come! Canada must be united in this hour like never before. Leaders from America will join us to add their strength and support, but this is Canada’s hour to recapture our nation for the glory of God.


November 1-10th, North Battleford Cuplex:

  • Theft of the land / recognition that two thirds of land was stolen from the Metis and First Nations / land was divided up from Brick House in Battleford
  • Completion of railway and what it brought November 7 1885
  • Death of Louie Riel November 16 1885
  • Execution of 8 First Nations November 27, 1885
  • Church’s part of the residential schools of Canada
  • Theft of the First Nations children / we were now reaping what we’d sown , realizing the government/ enemy was now coming after our kids.
  • The ill and evil treatment of First Nations women
  • Sowing of a religious spirit In and amongst the first nations / The shaming of culture and DNA God put in first people’s.
  • The rejection of the latter rain outpouring / revival of 1948 Shoving of dove / rejection of the Holy Spirit in church.
  • Acknowledgment of the dishonour of sons to fathers and fathers to sons.
  • The lack of respect of the Prophetic intercessor
  • We Honoured veterans on November 10th the eve of Remembrance Day.



Last night hope for this nation welled up in me again. I have been a Christian since 1971 and praying for revival for Canada and my province of Quebec for many years. I attended many gatherings of Watchmen for the Nations in Canada and went to gatherings such as The Summit in Ottawa but in the past years, especially with what is happening politically, my hope was waning.

I will be 70 this year and always believed I would see a great revival burst forth in Canada before I went to be with the Lord but lately I was beginning to doubt this. HOPE is RISING in my heart again!!!!


Praises to Our Father. HE is healing my hands. Already what was like carpal tunnel is mostly healed. I fell while out boulder hopping some years ago by the ocean in Victoria where I live landing hard on flat hands mostly damaging the left making it difficult to play my guitar. I think it was during the first healing times that Barry was praying for carpal tunnel. My body hands & arms started shaking. Pain gone from arms most of right hand & much of the left. PTL. THANK YOU GOD.


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