MAY 15-19, 2019

Contending for Life, The Oil, and The Wine

The next Battle for Canada would be in Edmonton Alberta.  As God would have it, we found ourselves taking the stage on the 50th anniversary of the legalization of abortion in Canada.  2800+ people would see the movie “Unplanned” for the first time in Canada.

God was calling us to take a stand for life, and we did.  

In a province rich with land-locked oil, we repented of rejecting God’s Holy Spirit in past moves, and in His church today, so that we might see the oil flow both in the natural and in the spiritual.


Battle For Canada Edmonton Expo May 15-19th:

  • Sexual immorality in church.
  • Capture of Louis riel May 15 1885
  • The land locked oil of Canada. / Leduc /
  • Ellis Ross testimony and resource speech
  • Blessed Israel 🇮🇱/ 70th anniversary of Canada recognizing the sovereign state of Israel May 17 1945 / repentance of anti semitism
  • Repentance of Rejection of the Holy Spirit in the church.
  • Mario Murillo calls the church to wake up.
  • Lance Wallnau calls church to get it’s voice.
  • Repentance of being asleep regarding government and church’s role as a voice.
  • Boycott of Cineplex Canada



Very powerful insight and deep revelation about the destiny of Canada. A very active group of people with their eyes and spirits fixed on God and His plans for Canada.



Edmonton Alberta

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